Database Audit

Database Auditing involves database surveillance in the way that we are being aware of all activities on the database initiated by the database users. Database administrators or security experts often set up the database audit for the security purposes.  

Because the list of state regulations or corporative rules are continuously growing, the pressure on those who take care of database security is growing as well. This kind of requests causes the usage of the newest and the most advanced methods and techniques. The highest level of database audit is possibility to document the usage of database resources and obligations. When the audit is on, each audited database operation creates audit trial, the information on activities that took place. Database auditing helps to answer questions like:

  • Who access or changes data? 
  • When these data are being changed?
  • What is the old content before the change occurred?

One of the most important product specialized for this specific function is Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall. This Oracle product could audit traffic towards oracle and non-Oracle databases, and also could improve regulations compliance consolidating database audit from various sources – databases, operative systems, directories and other sources. The most significant implementation of BBS’s Oracle Audit Vault is in state sector.