Data Storage Systems

The world is globally full of different information. Structural and non-structural, internally generated or externally obtained, stored in Data Center or in Clouds – information represent the fundament of every business. Perceiving huge amount of information, detecting data patterns and following-up these ideas obtained, could easily improve competences, speed-up our readiness to keep up with market changes, improve business processes and decision making procedures.  

Data Storage Systems that are being used in BBS’s integrations, enable all the above said. Products that BBS rely on range from the elegant IBM StorWize Series -  V3700, V5000, V7000 and HP 3PAR systems, to the experimental IBM DS8000 Shark systems. The selection of adequate Data Storage System solution depend on the client’s exact needs, in terms of data entry effectiveness, delivery, control and protection of data with the top-quality performances for the imposed cost-effectiveness.