Cloud Solutions (Openstack)

Cloud Computing, simplified, represent providing services to the end user from the distant environment, where any kind of software start-up as service on reliable and scalable servers instead on end-user server. Cloud computing could be connected with different things, but firstly it is connected with the term „as a service“, various services start up: software, platforms and infrastructure.

BBS singled out the most developed system of cloud system management - Openstack – and we do have a significant amount of experience in implementation of this system, especially in Telecom Industry. OpenStock is set of application tools for building and maintaining cloud computing platforms for public and private cloud computing systems.

With the support of the biggest companies for the development of software as well as the hosting companies, and especially members of the project development community, large majority agrees that OpenStock is the future of cloud computing. Nonprofit foundation operate with OpenStock, monitoring its development and creation of its community around the project itself.  OpenStock offers creation and maintenance of cloud environment virtual infrastructure to its users. This approach offers possibility of horizontal scaling, which means that tasks that would have benefits from parallel processing could simply run on several instances.