Data Management

When Data Management is considered in a broad sense, it is generally meant on databases, specifically on one specific kind – Relational Databases. Relational systems of data management (Relational DBMS) are mostly used today, that is the SQL Basis like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, and especially lately open-source base like e.g. PostgreSQL.

We emphasize our good experiences with Oracle Databases where we can say to have performed the biggest and most important system implementations in domestic Markets.

The 12c version of database system have additional features related to cloud support. Also, it is important to emphasize analytical processing performances – used for new levels of efficiency and availability.

Lately the interest for open source databases increased, of which PostgreSQL is the most robust, which also we recommend for prize sensitive clients, with demanding environments.

Unlike the above mentioned tightly structured relational databases the new kind of data with diversified structure demand so called Big Dara Concepts. For the maintenance of this big amounts of data the Hadoop technology is used, with related components such as HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, JAQL, Flume etc.