Owis is a business content management platform developed entirely using Microsoft technology. Target group of customers are small to mid-sized companies, with up to 200 users. The idea behind the Owis solution is that small and mid-sized companies have great business management needs that, but sometimes, due to the cost and complexity of these solutions, they can not solve it the right way.

The Orka company, which has developed Owis's business content management solution, is aware that most small and mid-sized companies are not able to devote resources to implementing and managing complex business content management systems, and has based its offer on ease of use and implementation of its solution.

Owis solution can be implemented in a cloud or on-premise and has the following modules:

  • Business Process Management  (Workflow management)
  • Document management
  • Groupware component

BBS has implemented the Owis solution internally, and thus convinced the intuitively usage and flexibility of this solution.

For more details on the solution, please visit vendor’s web-site  www.owis.com

For more information about Oiws solutions offer, contact us via our  contact form or via email at software@bbs.ba or phone no. +387 33 563 175.

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